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the menu

Traditional Meals Spiced with Novelty

Our kitchen offers a selection of typical South Tyrolean dishes: Alpine seasoning and Mediterranean lightness merge to one fine unity. With their precious natural treasures every season finds its way to our pots and pans, ensuring in this way much diversity.

The home-made pasta dishes, a large variety of dumplings, a choice of cakes, the syrup-based home-made juices and the home-grown raspberries are highlights.
Our cuisine is known for traditional dishes such as spinach dumplings, cheese dumplings, potato samosas with different fillings, grilled calf’s liver or goulash and onion beef roast from native cattle.

“Preserving the good and permitting the new”: based on this motto we continue to surprise our guests with something special.

Opening Hours

Kitchen: 11:30 am to 2 pm
(Sundays and public holidays until 2:30 pm)
and 5:30 to 9 pm. In the afternoon we have
a small variety of warm and cold dishes.
We are closed on Mondays

the apollonia in the wheel of the year

Spring – Summer – Autumn

We attach great importance to local and seasonal dishes. They enrich our offerings and ensure a great variety on our menu throughout the year.

From mid-March wild garlic and other wild herbs find their way to our cuisine. They can be processed to a variety of tasty dishes and ensure spring cleaning of our body at the same time. An ideal start to the season! During April and May local asparagus finds its way into our pots and pans. The royal vegetable improves the menu and is a delight to our palate.
In summer we have Sirmiano strawberries, fresh home-grown raspberries, tasty salads and sweets such as apricot dumplings with cinnamon crumbs.

At the beginning of the apple harvest in September we offer dishes around the South Tyrolean apple. The apple’s sweetness and its fine acidity can be

transformed into fine dishes, together with other ingredients. Of course at that time we drink naturally cloudy apple juice from the farm.

Autumn is “Törggele” time! In the course of the “Keschtnriggl” from mid-October the chestnut is the focus of our cuisine. Enjoy our tasty delicacies around the chestnut in great variety, from antipasto to dessert.
Our tavern also offers the traditional “Törggelen”, with hearty, earthy dishes such as pork ribs (Rippelen), pickled (Gesurtes) and smoked pork dishes with sauerkraut, dumpling and potato (Erdäpfelblattln), donuts and fried chestnuts and of course the “Susser”, young wine.

Please call for reservations for your “Törggele” evening.

South Tyrolean Inn

Culinary treats typical of the region, natural hospitality and a fine sense for tradition: these are the hallmarks the Hotelier and Restaurant Keepers Association stands for with its initiative South Tyrolean Inn [Südtiroler Gasthaus] 32 traditional restaurants and inns across the region contribute in this way to maintaining and spreading a historically grown tavern culture. And this includes dealing with old building structures responsibly and an increased use of local agricultural products.